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tips for cooking

Cooking is the most important thing which takes a major role in every person's life while you are preparing the food items. At the starting period's people are the thing that cooking is the only job of women, but nowadays men show more interest in cooking than women.

Even though cooking becomes one of the professional jobs ,In this modern world most of the girls are do not practice with cooking, only professional cookers are involved more passionately in cooking. You may be a person who is not familiar with cooking. Here are some common tips which help you to become a good cooker.

Always break the eggs with the flat surface:

Most of the people are use the bowl edges to break the eggs, which is a wrong thing, because when you doing like this you may get a risk of shell shards and possibilities of contamination of your food items.

Don’t use the last drop of the jam jar:

Every time Before using the vegetable jam, shake up well and try to add an equal amount of oil and vinegar in the jam jar which prevents the formations of fungus attack in the jam jars.

Soak bitter greens in water:

Before using the vegetables like arugula or kale cut their bitterness with a bowl of ice water. slice the leaves of the greens via a salad spinner for many more times with a paper towel to get a nice and crisp form.
when you grill the non-veg items just flank or skirt steak:

Before cooking the non-veg items, allow it in a salt water for sometimes, which gives a great taste and amazing flavor to your food items.

When you are following the above tips while you are in your kitchen, your food preparation becomes easy and tasty.

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