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complete guide for buying cookware & bakeware

A Brief History of Cookware & Bakeware

What’s the history of cookware and bakeware? Human-made pottery has existed for thousands of years and dates back to 24,000 BC. When humans discovered fire they started making pottery to cook food and carry water. This changed the way that humans ate. Ceramics and pottery have existed for eons but the first ceramics were quite fragile. A...

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hot tips for picking top coffee & tea makers

A Brief History of Coffee & Tea Makers

The coffee machine/maker has an interesting history. It’s important to note that there are several types of ways to make coffee. The coffee filter was the world’s first advanced method for making coffee. It was invented in 1908 by a German housewife. Today there are several types of coffee makers including drip, percolators, singl...

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what is the cookware items?

The cookware items are the things which are used in the process of food preparation which is mostly found in a kitchen. The word cookware includes the cooking vessels like frying pans, sauce pans and all another kind of pans which are intended to use on a stove.

When you are going for buying a new cookware item, a most important thing to be noted is the material from which the...

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how to pick the best blender for your home or business

A Brief History of Blenders

The blender was invented in 1922 by Stephen Poplawski. It was a mixer blender for beverages and the patent was received by the Arnold Electric Company. Then in 1938, a man named Fred Waring renamed his company as the Warning Corporation. He also changed the name of the mixer to Waring Blendor. Within time the name was changed to “Blender.”


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how to choose the right kitchenware

Choosing the right kitchenware can prove to be an overwhelming task as there are a plethora of brands, prices, and materials to pick from. In order to make the right decision when it comes to purchasing kitchenware, it is important to educate yourself about the many varieties and to first understand what you are wanting out of the product itself. Kitchen ware is a broad term that is used for a...

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